“Thank you so much Mistress.  It was lovely to meet you.  Honestly beyond chuffed, that smashed any expectations I had right out the ballpark.  If you feel I passed your test, I eagerly await the possibility of serving you again” – Sub Tony

“Dear Mistress Alana, I have really enjoyed my time with you, I like your style of domination, it’s intimate and close up, you are absolutely mesmerising. When I’m with you I feel a strong desire to please you. The mental high from submission outlasts physical pain and the loss of control is a blast.” Sub Joe

“Thank you so much for your fantastic experience, you are magic.  I am still remembering my session almost daily and still find it as exhilarating and fulfilling as the day it occurred.  Thank you so much for your awesome time.”Sub T

“I have known Mistress Alana for many years. She has in fact performed at our Fetish Balls in Auckland. I can assure you that she is not someone that has jumped on the bandwagon and is a true professional dominatrix who I would highly recommend” – NZ Fetish Event Management

“Thanks again for such a wonderful evening! All I hoped for and more, had my head proper spinning in there 😉 and some intelligent conversation to boot!”Sub T

Good morning mistress, just wanted to say thanks for yesterday.  You are a very special lady and thanks for going gentle on me on my first encounter.  I look forward to our next meeting where we can ramp it up a whole lot more” – Sub Dave

“I first had the pleasure of meeting Lady Alana in 2018. As my first real experience with a dominatrix/mistress, it blew my mind how amazing it felt to be with, or more accurately, under her. Since then, I have had the extreme pleasure of enjoying many intimate play sessions with my Lady at her own private residence. She has truly helped me properly explore the fetish and BDSM world, in particular she has allowed me to explore crossdressing and corsetry, which I have long had an interest in, but was never able to try out on my own. Lady Alana is possibly the best kind of Dominant I could ever imagine. She is incredibly adept at dominating me, but at the same time she is incredibly patient, understanding, supportive and caring, and I can definitely say she has become a true friend to me.
If any of you are looking for a Mistress that will help you explore your fetishes and interests, as well as explore things you never even thought about, while supporting and encouraging you the entire way, then I can’t recommend Lady Alana enough and if are considering indulging in her exquisite services, then I encourage you to just go for it. I guarantee you won’t regret it”
Sub Matthew

“Thank you for a great session Mistress you are gorgeous and a perfect mistress to submit to” – Sub S

“Omg.. I can’t thank you enough.. The whole experience can’t be explained with words.  I very much would like to explore further” Sub Ian

What can I say to express my appreciation to such a beautiful and very special lady. Its impossible to understand that all my dreams came true. Thank you thank you, I have such a big smile on my face” Sub Peter

Meeting you yesterday was what I’ve been wanting to do for quite awhile, and the experience was amazing to say the least. Better than I imagined it. From the the first feeling I had when getting there, untying my shoes, standing up and then realising you were sat in the corner watching me. I was transfixed. You had my attention, and instantly my trust.  If I’m going to be honest I never thought I would be in this situation but and I say honestly I like it. I want to commit myself, learn and let you take control as you do so well.  Correct me if I’m wrong but I felt that you enjoyed yesterday also which to me, makes all the difference” – Sub El

“As a personal friend of Mistress Alana and a Dominant that has operated in NZ professionally, I am often critical of those that take their role of top or dominant lightly or fail to understand the level of responsibility they are taking on.

However, Mistress Alana has my utmost professional respect. I have no doubt that her many regulars will agree that the quality and nature of service she offers them is unique and has made their lives richer” – NZ Professional Master

Dear Mistress Lady Alana, my previous session in submission beckoning to your call and requests was exactly what I sought and I feel privileged to have the opportunity.

Being dressed up as a girl in the skirt and crop top and following your requests was fantastic. Whilst I’m very much retraining in anal play, being at your mercy and decision making is what I was looking for” – Sub K

It was great time. Pain, torture, desire, pleasure everything was there. I enjoyed it. I loved it. It was a great session. Fullfilled my desires and fantasies” – Sub D

“Thank you so much for awesome session you are truly amazing as well as very hot.  I look forward to next session” Sub John

“Thank you for giving me the chance to meet you mistress.  10/10! I think I’m in love lol”Sub A

“Wow seriously fun night! Thank you so much for being so cool & so sexy.  Hopefully we can see each other again sometime” Sub B

Dear Mistress, thank you very much for your time today.  It was wonderful to be under your control” – Sub Andrew

Hello Mistress, I am returning to Auckland and would like to see you again, I loved everything about the last session, in particular the collar and being tied up.  I am at your complete disposal at the next session.  Whatever you think I deserve” – Sub Alysha (female submissive)

“Thank you for your time last night was just what I was after and I’m sure you’ve got a lot more in store for me” Sub Tai

“Hey there, thanks for a nice time this afternoon.  You’re a gorgeous intelligent lady” Sub P

“Mistress Alana, you are amazing! Take care” Sub Alex

“Mind = blown what a pleasure meeting you have a good night”Sub Robert 

“I really enjoyed it tonight thank you very much Mistress Lady Alana.  I look forward to be able to serve you again” Sub Roy

“Hello Mistress, since our last session I had 3 days of lapses thinking about our session, I’m left with a desire to be locked up, abused, degraded and controlled ma’am”Sub Gray