Fetishes / Specialties, Prices

Fetishes, Services & Specialties

I cater to the inexperienced and tame beginners right through to the more experienced, passionate and adventurous types. Below are some of my specialties:

Anal Play / Strap On
Ball Busting
Bisexual Experiences
Body Worship
Boot / Heel Worship
Breath Play
Cross Dressing
Cock & Ball Bondage
Cock & Ball Torture
Double Domme

Face Sitting (covered)
Female Submissives
Financial Domination
Foot Worship / Foot Fetish
Hair Removal
Hoods & Masks
Impact Play

Latex Fetish
Nipple Torture
Pet Play
Role Play / Age Play
Stocking Worship
Tickling Fetish

Please ask for anything in particular you may have in mind, I will not guarantee I offer the service, but you wont know unless you ask

NOTE: Mistress Lady Alana does NOT provide sexual services including sex and oral and will not tolerate being requested of such activities.

Slave / Slave Training & Servitude

SEPARATE to sessions, I provide an intensive Slave / Servitude Program. Once you have been accepted, or deemed, a worthy submissive, and have undergone your training, you may qualify to enter the Manor at a MINIMAL RATE.

The Manor, named “The Black Chateau”, is a beautiful premises full of French black velvet furniture. There is a completely separate slave / servitude kitchen and a personal slave’s quarters (currently under development) for which you will retreat to, or stay overnight, when desired or required.

Double Domme Sessions

It appears that Domination carries through the genes in our family with a Double Domme Session occurring with my sister, the beautiful, Mistress V.

Online Sessions

Not in Auckland or New Zealand? Not able to visit the Mistress’ Dungeon and Chateau in person? Lucky for you, I provide Online, Video and Text Sessions (through a 3rd party app) which includes photo and video exchanges.

Mistress / Master Sessions

The only other person to permanently reside in the Manor is a BDSM Master. Master Wolf and I love to provide Mistress / Master sessions in which you will get the enjoyment of having us both dominate you whether you are male or female. Cuckolding others is also one of our favourites.

Female Submissives

I also adore my loyal female submissives who, I find, bring a whole different energy to my dungeon. My female submissives are not used for the enjoyment of others (unless that is their direct desire), they are guided, and nurtured, into being the submissive they wish to be in a safe, and comfortable, environment. Females are also offered a SIGNIFICANTLY LESS rate to enter the Dungeon and The Black Chateau.

Communication &
Information Form

I have a basic Initial Communication (Google) Form which allows you to thoroughly indicate your desires and limits which is a requirement. It will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. You may contact the Mistress to receive the link to this form via text, email or any other more preferred channel.

Aside from the form being required for health, safety and consent reasons, my process is a far more ideal way of communicating personal desires without outright ‘ringing up a service’ to the equivalent of ordering off a menu. All this does is removes the genuineness of being a true sub to a true Domme and, in fact, is a form of domination from your end (‘topping from the bottom’) through the instruction and construction of our time together which inevitably means you will never genuinely feel like, or get the satisfaction of ever being, a true submissive who has had all control removed because you will always subconsciously be aware that you controlled what the session would entail.

I take everything we speak of into account in order to intricately personalise every session we have together without needing to pander to individual instructions as to how the session will play out.

Majority of the time, you will have little knowledge of what I have planned as all aspects of sessions and attire decisions are up to me. All you need to do is trust that I will remember what you do like, want to explore, have communicated with me, and want at the very core of it all. I do not inflict actions upon my subs that are seriously not wanted.

Token Requirement

Once you have completed your initial form AND have you been accepted by the Mistress for submission:

In person:
For your initial session in submission it will be 300 which will be for a minimum of an hour or 550 for a minimum of 2 hours. This will be a close encounter with the Mistress for the entire duration. I do not usually cater to half hour sessions.

Slave / Servitude in The Black Chateau – Once you have been accepted as a worthy submissive, and completed your basic initial training, you may qualify to enter The Black Chateau for Slave / Servitude at an absolute maximum rate of 100 per hour. As an approved sub, you may also opt for 30 minute sessions if in conjunction with slave and servitude.

If I am not using you for my own pleasure, or have you close by, in some way or another during your servitude, I will never be too far off, ready to inspect and provide you with your next tasks. Extended periods of servitude will come at a significantly lesser rate.

Online – I offer live video sessions at 150 NZD for 30 mins or 280 for 50 minutes.
Text sessions (which include photo and video exchange) is at 70 NZD for 15 minutes, 120 for half 30 minutes or 180 for 50 minutes. Payment will need to clear into my NZ bank account or Paypal account before any online session is conducted.

Double Domme or Mistress / Master Sessions – $550 for a minimum of an hour

Purchase of worn panties with a signed letter – $90 including postage

Purchase of worn heels or boots with a signed letter (will depend on the type of heels or boots) but approximately $150 not including postage.

Purchase of one of my outfits together with a signed letter and a photo of me wearing the outfit (will depend on the outfit) but approximately $150 including postage