About Mistress Lady Alana and The Black Chateau Dungeon Premises

I am a 33 year old professional Dominatrix of almost 4 years. Being a Dom comes extremely natural to me and the bdsm lifestyle is one that I live fulltime. I’m not only great at what I do but, having completed a 4 year Social Psychology Degree (second class Honours), I am highly intrigued, and educated, on how people tick and the why.

I have a very inviting and comfortable Dungeon inside my own large and private Manor in Auckland Central. The bdsm wing of the Manor, attached to the dungeon, also holds a full sissification and even a ‘wet’ room.

I cater to tame beginners right through to the more experienced, passionate and adventurous types with a I am described as a very sensual, attentive and nurturing Dom, however in saying this, I can also be very cold, clinical and harsh when I need, and desire, to be.